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17 March 2014
Aongus O'Gorman

Direct Investing – Aged Care (October 2013)

Global Macro Investing – Taxonomy of global macro strategies. (June 2013)

Direct Investing, Where Next? – Consideration of investments beyond typical property and infrastructure. (February 2013)

What is the Standard in Risk Measurement – The SRM and what’s wrong with it. (November 2012)

Risk Parity and Portfolio Construction – Consideration of risk parity as an investment philosophy. (August 2012)

Where’s the Credit – Discussion calling for greater consideration of credit investments by investors. (April 2012)

Insourcing – Key considerations of insourcing of investment management by Asset Owners. (December 2011)

Towards a Clear Currency Policy – An alternative approach to strategic currency management. (September 2011)

Hedge Funds, An Alternative Approach – How investors should target strategies that are of most value to their objectives. (June 2011)

Active Manager Fees – Where is the common ground between investors and investment managers, and how can we get there. (April 2011)

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