Round Tower Solutions is a specialist consulting and advisory business focused on the investment management industry. We work with both asset owners and investment managers, providing advice on investment opportunities, processes, and products. Combined, our clients manage over A$50 billion across a broad range of asset classes.

Our mission is to provide investment industry organisations and their stakeholders with independent, objective investment insights. We believe that better informed stakeholders will make better investment and business decisions leading to improved outcomes with reduced risk.


More than one hundred Round Towers are dotted around the Irish Countryside. They date back to the 10th century where they served as a lookout and a means of protecting the valuables of monasteries and churches from Viking raids. Their innovative design, with the only entrance high above the ground and accessible by a removable ladder, allowed the monks and priests to quickly move themselves and their valuables to safety at the first sign of trouble.

Similar to the Round Tower, our services are focused on providing solutions designed to forewarn of potential risks and assist managers and investors in protecting their clients’ assets.

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